Intellicig Electronic Cigarettes can cost half the Price of Smoking!*

Intellicig Electronic Cigarettes can cost half the Price of Smoking!*

Welcome to Ecigarettes Website with all your favourite Intellicig and DigiCig Kits, Refills, eLiquid and accessories plus extra rewards and incentives!

Did you know that DigiCig Regular Flavour e-Liquid is now available in
30ml bottles for only £9.50?

A Rich Tobacco flavour will also be added soon - save your cartridges, save money by refilling used cartidges or empty refills with our range of ECOpure and DigiCig E-Liquids!

The DigiCig liquid is available in REGULAR flavour in strengths from 0mg/ml right up to 36mg/ml and is almost identical to our other brand. In fact, we use the same formula and high standards for our ingredients.

There's no need to mix the liquid, it can be used straight from the bottle but, if you prefer, you can add a few drops of flavouring from our extensive Aromas Range of food grade flavours.
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With new XL and Express Kits, the XL Clearomiser Kits and a host of accessories, refills and ECOpure there's something to suit every 'smoker'!
Ecigarettes XL Pro Pack

The NEW XL Express Clearomiser Kits

These new kits represent the latest generation of electronic cigarettes. More power, more vapour, a better 'hit' and easy to fill and use. The large tank will keep you going with your favourite ECOpure strength and flavour and if you already have an XL battery and charger, the XL Clearomisers are available in twin packs on the accessories page.

An introduction to Electronic Cigarettes from ITVs 'This Morning'!

If your'e new to electronic cigarettes, make sure you watch the video on our 'Health Matters' Page where Linda Robson discusses the problems associated with smoking and the resident Doctor introduces her to the Intellicig.

Help and advice for choosing the right strength (and a comparison chart for previous strengths) can be found here: New ECOpure and Refill Strengths.

The latest generation of 'smoke anywhere' intelligent electronic cigarettes has helped 1000s of smokers avoid the stigma and health risks associated with traditional tobacco and save money too!

With no habits to break you can enjoy an Ecigarette with your coffee, still 'smoke' with your tobacco smoking friends and never breathe smoke on the people around you again. Best of all, because you won't be reaching for food instead, fear of putting on weight can be a thing of the past.

The Intellicig Professional Series


Consisting of the Intellicig® XC & Intellicig® XL electronic cigarettes, the Professional Series represents pioneering technology, unmatched style, enhanced quality and ultimate support.

Click here for more details: The Intellicig Pro Series

The electronic cigarette is NOT a nicotine replacement - instead, you can continue to enjoy smoking anywhere legally and avoid the smell of burning tobacco on your clothes and in your home. Lorry drivers, company car and taxi drivers have found a real benefit since their is no smell, ash or flame.

By simply using the electronic cigarette as well as, or better still, instead of tobacco, you needn't make changes to your lifestyle and suffer the withdrawals and cravings of traditional replacements. Importantly, Intellicg electronic cigarettes contain ECOpure - the ideal liquid manufactured and tested in the UK using pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

Once you have the starter kit, the Intellicig electronic cigarette, or ecigarette containing ECOpure is a healthier choice than smoking tobacco and can save hundreds of pounds throughout the year compared to tobacco.

True smoking sensation Free from tar and Nicotine Clean vapour, not smoke Not affected by the UK Smoking Ban.

With a great choice of Intellicig electronic cigarette Starter Kits, a full range of Accessories and Spares, Cartridges, ECOpure Liquid and a Gift Bundle, you'll find something to suit everyone!
As one of our many valued customers explains:

"I'm positive I would never have given up without electronic cigs so am eternally grateful to whoever invented them - they should be knighted"

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The electronic cigarette - how it works

The concept is very simple. At the heart of the electronic cigarette (sometimes called the electric cigarette) is a tiny vaporiser powered by a lithium battery. The 'filter' is really a hollow replaceable cartridge containing a measured dose of nicotine (similar to an inhaler but far more like smoking) together with fluid that is virtually tasteless and odourless when heated and vaporised by the battery. All this is controlled by an electronic chip. Each time the smoker draws on the ' electronic cigarette' the vapour gives a very similar feel, 'hit', and inhalation as real smoking with none of the drawbacks. Unless ingested directly, Nicotine is relatively harmless when inhaled.
The tip actually glows but only when inhaling giving a good impression of a real cigarette as shown in the main picture!


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